“The Garden of Stories. Personal Myth” An exhibition by artists, Irena Shmatova and Andreii Pinchuk at the UA in Uk Cafe/Gallery, Taunton 23rd Nov – 27th Jan

Venue: Exhibition open at the UA in Uk Cafe/Gallery, Paul Street, Taunton 23rd Nov – 27th Jan Tuesday – Saturday 10 -4pm.

There is a preview evening on Thursday 23rd Non from 6-8pm .. Do come along if you would like to meet the artists and see their fabulous work on show. Entry if FREE.

About the exhibition:

The creative tandem of two Ukrainian artists – Irena Shmatova and Andreii Pinchuk is represented by a number of paintings and graphic works. This is a kind of story about the inner world of each of them. In the garden all the trees are different, but together they complement each other, creating a complete picture of perception. These stories are also interesting because they reflect the different perception of the two authors, but are united by a common feature – the search for a unique form and compositional solution. Since ancient times, the tree has been a symbol of peace and family. Man is like a tree – he cannot stand without realising his origin, but, like a tree, he must strive upwards. The two authors each have their own personal myths and stories. An accidental ray of light on a bouquet of flowers, a funny dog Pedro, an old house in the shade of a dense garden, a mysterious wanderer and frozen time – all this you can see and appreciate for yourself, visiting our exhibition.
About the authors: Irena Shmatova is a Ukrainian illustrator, graphic designer, artist. She has worked in the field of graphic design, illustration, interior design. Due to the war in Ukraine and the loss of her home she was forced to move to the United Kingdom.
“I am very grateful to the community of Somerset and Taunton for the opportunity to create again and to have a peaceful sky above my head. My son has the opportunity to grow and develop in peace rather than war. Even though all my work died along with my house and workshop, I am able to create something new. And this is absolute happiness,” says Irena.

Andreii Pinchuk is a sculptor who takes part in many international sculpture projects. Due to the war in Ukraine and the loss of his home, he followed his wife and son to the United Kingdom. He works in the field of sculpture, creating truly stunning sculptural solutions.

Andreii and Irena have been married for 23 years. They are raising a son aged 9.